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Hand Sanitizer For Office

Allow yourself and your employees the comfortability of knowing there are Hand Sanitizer Stations around the office.  Our Stands are structurally sound and hold an automatic dispenser. Either choose our service packages or feel free to purchase the units from us. We can provide as many units and as frequent refills as necessary. All Hand Sanitizer used is over 70% alcohol and Health Canada Approved 

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Hand Sanitizer For Home

With Covid19 still in circulation who would not want an automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at the door when they arrive home. The sanitizer dispenser is a good idea to have at any access point of your home for your family to use as they enter the house. The alternative is to come home and touch various items before making it to a sink to wash your hands. Come home the right way and clean your hands with Sanitizer before touching anything else in your home. All Sanitizer provided is Health Canada Approved.


Hand Wash Station For Warehouse / Outdoor

Portable Hand Washing Stations are terrific items for your warehouse, testing tents or for any gathering. It includes 2 sinks, holds up to 21 Gallons of water, comes with soap, paper towels and a built in garbage can. The portable sinks are made from ABS plastic and are waterproof and extremely durable. Either choose from our service package or ask us about purchasing the unit. All Hand Sanitizer provided is Health Canada Approved and is 70% alcohol based. Click Here to get Request a Quote

Benifits Of Our Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

  •  As you may have experienced cartridge suppliers are currently not able to service their machines. They are not able to receive the special fit cartridges needed for the machines to actually work. Our machines are constantly being installed right next to empty brand name dispensers.  Using our products you would never face that issue.


  •  The cost per refill is less expensive than the leading brand of hand sanitizer dispenser. The costs can be as low as half the price.


  •   Never have an empty machine. You don’t have to worry about an internal inventory system. With bulk liquid you have the ability to top up daily. Waste is also not a concern as you will never have cartridges removed early.

Subscription Service

Monthly Service Plan

Service agreements starting at only $99 a month Includes Sanitizer!

Whats Included:

Touch Free Automatic Dispenser

Stainless Steel Stand

4L Hand Sanitizer Refill Bottle

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Do you offer shipping on your products?

Yes, we ship our dispensers, stands, and sanitizer anywhere in Canada. We ship or dispensers and stands to continental United States

Is the hand sanitizer Health Canada approved?

Yes it is, see below for full details.

Where are you located?

We are a Toronto based distributer of hand sanitizer products and services.

Do you have your products in stock?

Everything we offer will be clearly listed in our online store.


Health Canada



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Ethanol 70% Alcohol
Non-Medicinal Ingredients:


Hydrogen peroxide